20 Pair CW1128/98 PE Sheath External Armoured Black Telephone Cable

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(Minimum Order Quantity 10m)

CW1198 armoured external telephone cables are suitable for outdoor installations where direct burial is required.

They offer a lightweight, compact, tough solution for cables that need to endure a variety of weather conditions, from rain or snow to bright sunlight. The CW1198 cable is ideal for clipping around the outside of a building or running through ducting. The outer sheath is made from tough, durable polyethylene which is UV and sunlight resistant.

The cores are bedded in petroleum jelly to protect against the intrusion of moisture.

Priced per metre and cut to length.



Conforms to BT CW1128 and CW1198 Specification
Number of Pairs/Cores: 5/10
Nominal Conductor Diameter: 0.5mm
Conductor Material: Copper
Core Filler: Petroleum Jelly
Inner Sheath Material: Polyethylene
Outer Sheath Material: Polyethylene
Jacket Colour: Black
Armoured: Yes
Core colour: (Pair X: Wire colour)
  Pair 1: White, Blue
  Pair 2: White, Orange
  Pair 3: White, Green
  Pair 4: White, Brown
  Pair 5: White, Grey