20 Pair CW1308 Telephone Cable White (Earth)

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(Minimum Order Quantity 10m)

CW1308 telephone cables are suitable for the internal connection of telephone systems and other communications equipment.

The cables are insulated and sheathed in PVC, making them an extremely cost effective general signal cable for fixed installation.

The standard sheath colour is white.


Conforms to BT CW1380 Specification
Number of Pairs/Cores: 10/20
Nominal Conductor Diameter: 0.5mm
Conductor Material: Copper
Sheath Material: PVC
Core colour: (Pair X: Wire colour, Stripe Colour)
  Pair 1: White/Blue, Blue/White
  Pair 2: White/Orange, Orange/White
  Pair 3: White/Green, Green/White
  Pair 4: White/Brown, Brown/White
  Pair 5: White/Grey, Grey/White
  Pair 6: Red/Blue, Blue/Red
  Pair 7: Red/Orange, Orange/Red
  Pair 8: Red/Green, Green/Red
  Pair 9: Red/Brown, Brown/Red
  Pair 10: Red/Grey, Grey/Red