Cat6a F/FTP Outdoor External Socket to Socket Network Extension Kit

£20.00 inc VAT

100% Copper 23awg Cat6a F/FTP Shielded Cable offers Cat6a component compliant performance and supports high speed protocols such as 10G Ethernet. The individually foil shielded pairs ensure excellent NEXT performance whilst eliminating the risk of Alien crosstalk.

The overall diameter of just 7.5mm enables tighter bend radii (just 30mm after installation) 

Ideal for applications such as externally mounted IP security cameras and wireless access points as well as for links to remote buildings.

These External Cat6A F/FTP Socket to Socket Cable kit are available in lengths from 5m to 100m. Designed to run externally and can be installed along side electric cables, this kit is ideal for using to link outbuildings to extend your Network.

Cat6A F/FTP External Cable has been designed to provide the exceptional performance required to support extremely high speed applications.

The individually shielded pairs ensure maximum transmission, free from the problems of NEXT and alien crosstalk. The sheath is a Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) material, suitable for use outside


  • Fully conforms to ANSI/TIA-568-C

 Kit Includes

  • 1 x Cat6a F/FTP Shielded External Cable cut to required length
  • 2 x Singlegang Faceplate fitted with Cat6a Shielded Euro Modules
  • 2 x Singlegang Back box 
  • 2 x Cat6A FTP Patchleads
  •  8mm cable clips 
  •  Simple Terminating instruction for the Euro Module

Please be aware

A lot of cheaper products sold online are CCA, (copper coated aluminum) or have a small percentage of Copper which do not comply with UL and TIA standards and is not suitable for PoE applications, it is prone to oxidation and corrosion this may cause your network to fail.  

All our products are 100% copper and exceeds EIA/TIA-568-B specification.