IEC C5 - UK Mains Power Cables

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SKU: -04
  • Fully Moulded and Fused
  • Connection Type: C5 - UK Mains
  • Cable Type: H05W-F
  • Conductor Size: 0.75mm2

Our BS1363 UK Plug (5 Amp) - IEC C5 Cloverleaf (Mickey Mouse) Power Cable 5m is constructed on 0.75mm2 H05VV-F cable rated at 6 Amps The BS 1363 plug has two horizontal rectangular pins for live and neutral, above these pins is a larger vertical pin for an earth connection.

The earth pin is necessary for use of the BS 1363 plug, as it is needed to push open a shutter in the socket which allows the live and neutral pins to be inserted, it also polarises the plug ensuring that the live pin is connected to the correct terminal in the socket The IEC 320 C5 connector is a 3 conductor 2.5 Amp rated connector generally used for powering projectors and laptop power supply units.

The IEC 320 C5 connector is sometimes more commonly refered to as a Cloverleaf or Mickey Mouse connector