45U 800mm x 800mm 4 Compartment Co-Location Cabinet

£2,137.75 inc VAT

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With a choice of two heights and four footprints and two compartment options there is a co-location cabinet for any installation.

This can be mated with any FI cabinet to provide a solution for any co-location environment and provide additional revenue per square metre.

The product is supplied with secure internal cable trunking to provide total security for each compartment. This trunking can be accessed from the top and the bottom of each enclosure. Each section is supplied with its own external security and unique, combination ofelectronic lock systems can be added. These locks can be installed in glass, mesh or solid doors depending on client specification. The side panels are also supplied with unique locks.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Server farms
  • Multiple co-location data centres
  • Hosting centres
  • Mesh front doors with combination locks with master Key override.
  • Mesh rear doors with combination locks with master Key override.
  • 19 inch mounting angles (2 x Rear 2 x front)
  • 2 and 4 option co-location dividing panels
  • 2 way cable secure ducting accessible in each location and top and bottom access
  • Heavy Duty Castors fitted as standard
  • Earthing kits supplied to each section
  • Two compartment or four compartment options available
  • Fitted with vented doors to the front and rear as standard
  • Fully enclosed bays with fully vented divider shelves
  • Enclosed cable ducting fitted as standard
  • Floor space optimisation
  • Compatable with baying Pi Data and Server Cabinets
  • Compatability with the full range of Pi Accessories
  • Multiple working variants available to assist in providing differing levels of security