Fibre Optic Dome Splice Enclosure - 12 to 60 splices

£104.99 inc VAT

This ruggedised splice enclosure is designed to allow up to 60 individual fibres, incorporating a hinged door to provide easy access for installation and re-work. The enclosure is suitable for a range of harsh environments with an impressive IP68 rating. It can be placed in aerial, wall mounted or duct mounted locations.


  • Opens via left hand hinge
  • Multi cable entry points
  • Integrated pressure valve
  • Integrated Earth Point
  • Holds up to 60 single fibres
  • Integrated fibre management
  • Mechanically Sealed (compression)
  • Multi Functional Splicing Options
  • Includes all splice protecton
  • Includes wall mounting bracket and fixings
  • Can be pole mounted or aerial mounted 
  • IP68 to 1.5mtr


Maximum fibre count - 60

Maximum fibres per tray - 12

Maximum number of trays - 5

Number of cable entry points - 3

Cable diameter - 8mm to 15mm Ø

Pigtails outlets - 4

Uncut cable entry-1

Test outlets-1

Test cable diameter-6mm Ø

Sealing rating-IP68

Sealing method entry and exitMechanical (compression)




Weight-2.4kg to 2.7kg



RoHS complaintYes

Optimal operating temp-40°C to + 65°C