Fluke IntelliTone Pro 200

£207.60 inc VAT
SKU: 00A-500-004-20
Breakthrough digital and analog toning in one
IntelliTone Pro is the first toner and probe to offer digital and analog toning all in one tool. That means it’s equipped with the most powerful cable location and verification
technologies for any work environment – even active networks.

  • Eliminates confusion over cable location; decisively rejects noise and false signals
  • Locates the correct cable bundle
  • Isolates a cable within the bundle, despite cable bleed
  • Verifies twisted-pair installation with visual end-to-end continuity test (opens, shorts and reversed pairs)
  • Identifies individual wire pairs with new SmartTone™ analog toning
  • Simplifies signal interpretation in noisy environments with multiple LED indicators

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