TP-LINK Auranet EAP110 Ceiling Mounted WiFi PoE Access Point (300Mbps N)

by TP-Link
£38.66 inc VAT
- EAP Controller Software enables administrators to easily manage hundreds of EAPs
- Supports passive PoE for convenient installation up to 100meters
- Ceiling mounting design with chassis make it easy to deploy on a wall or ceiling
- Captive portal provides one convenient method of authentication for Wi-Fi guests
- Multi-SSID divides multiple wireless networks for different users
- Enterprise class Wi-Fi security help to decrease network security threats

What This Product Does
The TP-LINK’s EAP110 business Access Point provides a flexible, easy-to-deploy, manageable and robust security business-class wireless network solution. Simple mounting design to easily mount to a wall or ceiling. WLAN configuration and management are simplified through centralized management software. EAP110 also features captive portal and auto RF management, making it ideal for the high-density, intensive demanding businesses environment, include campus, hotels, malls and offices.

Flexible Placement - Easy mounting design & PoE
The EAP110’s “ceiling lamp” appearance and easy mounting design with chassis make it easy to be integrated seamlessly into any wall or ceiling surface to blend in with most interior decorations. EAP110 supports Passive Power over Ethernet (Passive PoE) to make deployment effortless and flexible.

Simple and Scalable Business Wi-Fi Management - EAP Controller Software
The EAP Controller Software represents a cost-effective 'centralized management' solution for wireless networks of both small and medium business sectors (SMB). The software enables administrators to manage hundreds of EAPs easily from any PC on the network. Includes such administrative features as centralized configuration, real-time monitoring, graphical analysis of network traffic and batch firmware updates.

Powerful and Intuitive Software
- Free controller software, no additional hardware controller required
- Easy-to-use, no special training necessary
- Upload floor plans for a more Intuitive Wi-Fi management
- Batch firmware update support for effective administration
- Advanced security features including Captive Portal, Rogue AP Detection