6u to 21u CCS 19" 450mm Deep Wall Mounted Data Cabinet

£151.20 inc VAT
SKU: 009-000-106-06

The Lightweight Wall Mounting Cabinets feature fixed profiles and a large cutout panel at the rear.

The cabinet is finished in goose grey with a lockable ash grey perspex inset door.

CCS 19” Wall Mounted Frames are an ideal solution when installation space is at a premium.

The steel framework provides sufficient durability for environments such as risers or shafts. The design allows maximum access to the internal equipment through the top, base and back entrances.

Allow 1 - 2 days for delivery


  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Supplied Fully assembled
  • Cable Access Top and Bottom fitted with blanking plates
  • Ideal for installation sites where space is limited such as risers and shafts
  • Standard finish goose grey (other colours on request)
  • Easy access to internal equipment
  • Profiles set 75mm Back form Front door

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Dimensions By U Height (1u - 44.45mm)