Cat5e FTP Sheilded 24 Way 20/20 Right Angled Patch Panel

£78.00 inc VAT
SKU: 009-002-001-01

The Connectix 2020 Series FTP Patch Panel from BT Cables is an alternative to the Standard Enhanced Category 5 FTP Panel. It offers the same Enhanced Category 5 performance as the standard panel but has been designed to present the cable termination IDCs horizontally on a tray at the rear of the panel, making termination and cable management easier.

All sockets in the panel are commonly linked through the panel and can be grounded to the rack using the earth wire provided.

Enhanced Category 5 panels provide exceptional performance for high speed LANs including Gigabit Ethernet applications in an easy to use format. When combined with Connectix Enhanced Category 5 FTP Modules and Cable, the link will perform well in excess of the Enhanced Category 5 specifications.

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