OM4 (50/125) Steel Tape Armoured Bulk Fibre Cable

£1.70 inc VAT

Loose Tube Steel Tape Armoured Cable is suitable for installation in harsh environments. The cable has excellent tensile strength and crush resistance characteristics and is rodent proof.

The cable consists of a central jelly filled green polyester tube, with up to 24 fibres inside.

The tube is protected with Kevlar strength members and thick inner corrugated steel tape armour. Black LSZH outer sheath protects the cable construction and is extremely resistant to the ingress of moisture.


  • 4 to 24 fibre configurations
  • Choice of fibre type and specification
  • Rodent proof
  • Water resistant
  • High tensile strength and crush resistant
  • Corrugated steel armouring tape
  • Suitable for harsh external environments
  • Low cost
  • 50/125, 62.5/125 & singlemode fibre types