Epoxy Tool Kit for LC Connectors

£1,255.20 inc VAT
SKU: FIB1-0053U

Our LC and MU Universal Epoxy Fiber Optic Tool Kit provides all the essential tools you need for terminating with LC and MU epoxy style fiber optic connectors.  The kit includes various hand tools as well as fiber optic polishing materials. Replacement consumables are available.

Specific items packed in the LC and MU Universal Epoxy Tool Kit include the dozens of items in the FIS Basic Tool Kit, plus a Glass Polish Plate, Carbide Scribe, LC/MU Crimp Tool, Rubber Polish Pad, Five Syringes, LC Adapter for Scope, FIS Universal Microscope, Five FIS 4gr. Blue Dye Epoxy, LC/MU Universal Polish Puck, Five 0.5µm Diamond Film Sheets, and Five 1.5µm Diamond Polish Film Sheets.

The Kit includes:

  • Carbide Scribe Tool
  • LC Crimp Tool
  • Rubbish Polish Pad
  • Glass Polish Plate
  • Syringes x 5
  • LC polish puck
  • 1.0um Polish film x5
  • 1.5um Polish film x5
  • 4gr Blue epoxy glue
  • Universal Microscope + LC adapter
  • Installation instructions LC connectors

 This kit does not include Fibre Cure Oven

This kit does not include a Fibre Cure Oven