Mini DC-12 Cleaver (with Auto collect tray)

£414.00 inc VAT

Innovative cleaver series bring maximum portability and convenience to any customers who work under various environmental conditions.

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Features & Benefits

• Universal Holder 250um,900um, 2-3Φ Indoor
• The most precise mini cleaver
• Blade life span ≤0.5 : 50,000
• Robust and shock resistant
• Chip collector (50GB)


Type Single Fibre
Applicable Fibre 250um, 900um, Φ2mm, Φ3mm, Drop Cable
Clad Diameter 80-125um
Length 8-20mm (Single Fibre)
Cleaving Angle ≤0.5
Lifespan of Blade 50,000 Times
Operation Step 2 Steps/Auto Pushback Slider Block
Holder Universal Holder
Collector Auto Collector (50GB)
Weight 50G (221G) - 50GB (248G)