NETGEAR Soho 5 Port Gigabit Desktop Switch - GS305EP

by Netgear
£69.17 inc VAT
SKU: gs305-300uks

Easy to manage, fundamental network features at an affordable cost for SMBs. GS305EP offers 63W total power budget to power devices PoE devices such as VoIP phones, IP cameras, wireless access points, etc.New and improved Smart Managed Plus switches Along with the already great Smart Managed Plus features, GS305EP enhances your business networking experience even more with exciting new features: advanced PoE controls with uninterrupted PoE and more, business-friendly GUI, simplified VLAN and QoS set-up, and multi-language support.Why GS305EP? - Cost-effective business networking management features: VLAN, QoS, advanced PoE controls, etc. - Data security and network separation to safeguard your business. - Advanced per port PoE controls (including power allocation override) and remote enable/disable/power cycle. - Smart Managed Plus switch that now provides PoE+ to power devices such as wireless APs, IP cameras, VoIP phones, access-controlled security door locks or any other IoT PoE-powered devices.Why 300 Series NETGEAR Smart Managed Plus? - NETGEAR has the largest PoE switch portfolio in the market. - Provides both basic and advanced management features at a cost-effective price for SMBs. - Uninterrupted PoE and PoE controls in a Smart Plus switch. - Reliability of the NETGEAR switches.