Netgear PLP1000 Powerline 1000 + Extra Outlet, 1000 Mbps, 1 Gigabit Port

by Netgear
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Gigabit Speeds for Powerful Streaming
Use your existing electrical wiring to extend your Internet access to any room in your house. Just plug the Powerline 1000 + Extra Outlet into any electrical outlet then plug in your new network connection. It’s that easy. With 1000 Mbps speed, the Powerline 1000 adapter is perfect for connecting smart TVs, streaming players, and game consoles. Plus, the extra outlet provides power for additional devices.

Get Connected with Powerline
NETGEAR Powerline is one of the easiest ways to extend a wired Internet connection to any room without running long wires. Just plug into any electrical outlet and connect your device to the Ethernet port. It’s that easy.